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After hundreds of training miles walked and thousands of dollars earned, my friend Dawn and I embarked on our 3-day adventure!  It was her 3rd year walking in the SGK so she could help me prepare for the experience (can you say blisters??).  It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life – meeting survivors and the loved ones of those who we’ve lost was inspiring, heart-wrenching and life changing.  It seemed someone would be there to cheer me on at just the right moment, when I would feel like my feet couldn’t carry me another step.

One of the moments most seared in my memory is from day 3.  A woman in her mid-30’s was standing along the path with her two young children.  She was holding a sign that said “I had a double mastectomy two weeks ago. Thank you for walking!”  The fact that she was still recovering from this life-altering event and was willing to stand there for hours and meet each of us as we passed by… there are no words to describe that moment.  A hug and quite a few tears later, we were back on the trail – blisters ignored, sore knees told to get some perspective.  It’s amazing how the pain disappears for a while after one of these encounters.

Thank you to everyone who supported us on our journey, we are looking forward to next year!

Start of Day 1:

I discovered I preferred eating lunch lying down (and with cheese, chips and fruit I managed to eat gluten and soy-free):

One of my favorite pitstops – saving 2nd base, one ta-ta at a time!

Tired feet… but we’re done!  Time for some tequila shots…

A sea of pink…