In the past two months we have lost two family members. While to some they might seem less significant, our “puppies” were definitely part of the family. Angus, our black lab, was an extremely painful loss. He was such a mama’s boy… at almost 14 years old. We adopted him before we were married or bought our first house. He was part of US. My heart was broken for weeks. Then, one day short of two months later… we lost our little blond Sadie – a pretty golden retriever we adopted after losing out chocolate lab a few years ago. She didn’t have the same spunk as our chocolate Annie but she still held her own against Angus! Both will be greatly missed, and we know they will both approve when we find a new munchkin to join our family once we’re settle in Houston. RIP our little 4-legged loves… Annie, Angus and Sadie.