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After a few days in Texas I’ve settled into a routine. Get up, get out for a walk, come home (sweating buckets), make some breakfast and try to start my day. Spend at least an hour fighting with the wifi in our apartment to try to get it to like my laptop, only to have both cable and internet go out for the day. Give up, go to Starbucks for some much needed coffee and free wifi access. Apply for a job or two. Deal with relocation paperwork. Surf Facebook.

You get the drift.

So today I got started a little late. Just a half an hour late… but it was enough. Whew – it was TOASTY by the time I got back from my walk! 86 degrees, 75% humidity. Don’t forget, I’m a Northwest girl and although I love the heat, I’m still getting used to working out in it. That being said, it was a lovely 3.5 mile walk around TownCentre and I just can’t complain about the view.

Since breakfast turned into brunch, I thought I’d go for the protein to hold me through until dinner. A couple of eggs, leftover pork tenderloin and some pan seared avocado and I’m ready to take on the rest of my day!