Bucket List

I’ve always had a “Bucket List” but it didn’t always have that great of a name… it was originally something dismal like “Things to do before I die”. I much prefer the new title, courtesy of a little Hollywood movie. On this page I will post my Bucket List – it may change over time, and I welcome your suggestions. Some may sound impressive, others may seem insignificant… but all mean something to me. I’ll cross each item off as it is accomplished and include some items that I’ve already accomplished… here’s hoping I can accomplish at least one a year.

1. Visit: China, Australia, Europe (again), Thailand, India, Africa

2. Adopt a dog

3. Smoke a GOOD cigar

4. Drink great single malt scotch

5. Drive a motorcycle

6. Run a half-marathon

7. Follow my passion instead of a paycheck

8. Take a dance class

9. Do something so amazing for someone that it makes them cry

10. Marry my best friend

11. Lose 30 pounds (and keep it off)

12. Live in at least 5 different states (2 down)

13. Visit all 50 states (14 so far)

14. Paint a picture worth putting on the wall

15. Take a picture that makes me cry

16. Take my nephew to Disneyland

17. Ride the STP

18. Hang glide or paraglide

19. Learn to play pool

20. Dance in the rain

21. Learn to play guitar

22. Learn a new language

23. Finish the Susan G. Komen 3-day walk Finish the Susan G. Komen 3-day again

24. Eat at the Herbfarm in Woodinville

25. Get a tattoo

26. Make a drinkable homemade beer

27. Live on the road for a month (via foot, bike or car)



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