Who knew… Boots are for more than fashion


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This past weekend I had the joy of meeting my friend Heather’s gorgeous horse, Libra. It was love at first sight! This spunky girl has gentle eyes… but you can see a little fire lurking in the background. I was her new best friend, once I bribed her with treats. Added bonus? I finally had a functional reason to wear my boots!




It’s a Tony the Tiger kind of morning


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Today I have a laundry list of things to accomplish, including cleaning my office, organizing the garage and making a quick run to Goodwill. This means it’s likely I’ll forget to eat until dinner time, so a hearty breakfast is in order. Have I mentioned I love my grill? Boar’s Head beef hotdogs sizzling away, eggs frying on the side burner. Add a little dipping sauce of dijon, sour cream, honey and cayenne and a hearty cup o’ joe in my Frosted Flakes mug. It’s ggggreat! Now, off to tackle my day…







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Sometimes you need comfort food. Like today, when you are one day away from June, with rain in the skies and temperatures not willing to pass the low 60’s. A perfect night for rich flavors, all from the grill. Our grill has a side burner, so I don’t have to split time between the kitchen and patio, I can do all of my cooking in one place. Tonight, dinner was sautéd mushrooms with onions, garlic and lemon, a sauce of fig and ginger compote, balsamic vinegar, chicken broth and my favorite, heavy whipping cream. With a grilled medley of romaine, asparagus and radishes with blue cheese dressing on the side and a glass of Malbec, this meal is a WINNER.



Fond memories outweight loss



In the past two months we have lost two family members. While to some they might seem less significant, our “puppies” were definitely part of the family. Angus, our black lab, was an extremely painful loss. He was such a mama’s boy… at almost 14 years old. We adopted him before we were married or bought our first house. He was part of US. My heart was broken for weeks. Then, one day short of two months later… we lost our little blond Sadie – a pretty golden retriever we adopted after losing out chocolate lab a few years ago. She didn’t have the same spunk as our chocolate Annie but she still held her own against Angus! Both will be greatly missed, and we know they will both approve when we find a new munchkin to join our family once we’re settle in Houston. RIP our little 4-legged loves… Annie, Angus and Sadie.

My Dad: My Hero

Today I honor my father Ernie for his bravery during his time in the army, as dangerous events happen in peaceful times too. Forty-eight years ago this month, my dad ran to a crashed helicopter, pulling injured crew and passengers from the wreckage with no regard for his personal safety, even though fuel was pouring out and the helicopter could have exploded at any time. For his heroism he was awarded the Soldier’s Medal, which is the highest honor a soldier can receive for an act of valor in a non-combat situation. I am fortunate to still have him just a phone call away – my heart goes out to those that only have the memories of their heroes. He would never tell you this story but I am proud to honor his bravery.